Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good Things

So while I was on an extensive blogging break I went and got myself knocked up.

That's right. I'm pregnant! 14 weeks.

We're very happy and although we weren't expecting it to happen so soon, well, sometimes these things happen, right?

I am excited to have a little brother or sister for Henry that will be so close in age, less than 2 years apart. My brother and I are 5 years apart and were never really play mates when we were growing up. We get along well now, but when you're kids, 5 years is a huge age difference.

You don't have to tell me it's going to be a lot of work having two so close in age, I know it will be. I am also not afraid or stressed (yet). I just think that there's millions of Mom's and Dad's who do it everyday with a lot less than what I have.

I am hoping to write more and am setting a small goal for updating the blog. I want to update at least once a week. I do know I benefit from writing and that it's something that makes me feel good, so it's a priority.

It's freakin' FREEZING in Saint Louis and really everywhere else right now. It's been quite a shock to go from NC winters to MO winters and I thought it was going to be an easy adjustment since I grew up in OK but guess what? It's been hard as hell adjusting. I miss the sun most of all, although we do get sun breaks every few days or so.

I've still not made any friends here, which is very discouraging to me. I am trying though. I've joined a couple of Moms groups on and am very hopeful that I'll have some luck. It can be very lonely being a stay at home Mom.

Henry is doing great! He's so much fun and learning more and more every day. He's getting more and more opinionated and independent which is great and very trying. He definitely got his patience level from me, which is like NONE.

So all is well and I hope this blog entry finds you in good health and good time. :)

Until next week.

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