Friday, June 3, 2011

Sloppy post and updates

Never in my life have I been more thankful for quality air conditioning than I am right now. I just like to sit in my room with the lights dim, the fan pointed on me and marinate in the coolness.

Hormones have me hot. Plus the extra weight I am carrying around.

It's June.

First June in Saint Louis. I am not sure why I felt like it was worth mentioning, but I did.

We're in the middle of some 13 year cicada hatch that has me seriously hating nature. Cicadas every freaking where. I'm ready for them to do their thing and die already.

This pregnancy has been both a lot easier and a lot harder than I thought. Easier because I had very minimal bothersome symptoms until third trimester. Easier because keeping up with Henry (20mo's now!) is a lot easier being more fit this pregnancy. Easier because a lot of the environmental factors that played into my last pregnancy are now gone. Harder because I have SPD and it is very painful and disheartening. It's hard to get up and get motivated when, at 7am, you are already in so much pain. But I am trying not to complain too much and just work through it because there is a good chance that most of the pain will dissapear once Lucy gets here.

Speaking of Lucy, that's her name! We're still working on middle names. I go in for my csection on 7-11-11. It'll be a lucky day, a lucky birthday.

That's all I got for now.

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