Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two Bath Kind of Day

When Henry has a "bad" day, you know, cranky, teething, non-stop crying I'll refer to it as a two bath kind of day. What this means is that the day has been so slow moving and trying that he takes two baths because it's the only thing that will make him stop being so irritable. He loves the bath and any type of water and if that makes him happy, well, no harm at all being extra clean!

Today I am feeling like I need two baths because it's so hot and gross outside. We're not getting the heat wave as bad as my friends and family in Tulsa but it's 103 outside right now.

My Grandmother in law and I went thrift store shopping today up in St. Charles. We got a dining room table and a retro lamp for under $50. AWESOME. Since we moved we gave up all of our furniture except our beds (and Henry's nursery furniture). Which wasn't really that much in all actuality. So right now we have no where to sit but our bed and I'm not really complaining. I think it's all part of the adventure and it's kind of like starting over again. Only this time I know what I really want or need. I want to live a new sort of home life here with a minimum amount of STUFF.

This grocery store by our house is OFF THE HOOK. There's a cooking school, pizza shoppe, cafe, coffee shop, deli and a massive bakery in it. I love it so much and I know I've mentioned it several times so I'm sure it's annoying but I cannot wait to show it off to my Mom and Stepdad when they come next weekend.

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