Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm really blogging again!

Blah blah blah, I've moved to St. Louis,
blah blah blah,

I know I haven't written in my blog for like, a year or some bunch but I think it's because every time I want to blog I think I need to lay everything out that has happened to me and my family in chronological order as it happened and the monstrosity of a project like that feels very intimidating to me. Kind of like catching up on a series of TV shows or dishes. Whatever you relate to more. :)

I'd like to pull the notebook sheet off my proverbial life notebook and start from scratch and backlog my adventures of traveling, moving, leaving good good great good friends and networks and just start fresh just like my real life is right now.

Is everyone okay with that? Are we all on the, ahem, same PAGE? Aahahahaha. I'm so punny.


So, here we are in the Midwest! I'm loving so many things about this place that I never really thought about. I live in a little suburb of STL that's really cute and not far enough away to lose its metropolitan flair. I'm living in an older house (to me, to me!) which has been very interesting and fun to experience. I think. It's not even really THAT old, but it's was built in 1946 which makes it the oldest house I've ever lived in. I can't wait until our budget allows for us to decorate it. (we're renting for the time being).

Henry is doing really well! He's 10 months old now and we're working on walking because let me tell you, carrying him around all day is killing my shoulders and back. He's very strong also which is no fun when he doesn't want to be held. More on him later.

Alan really likes his new job.

Andrea (ME!) is learning to go with the flow and be happy again. Seriously, I am feeling happy and relaxed and enjoying life more. "So what?!?" is my new mental head motto which is working for me right now.

Anyway, I am so glad to be back on the "scene" and get things rolling again.

Here are some pictures of Henry and the new house because, honestly, who wants to see pictures of Alan and I?!? ;)


Anwesha said...

so glad Andrea is back blogging! Well to be quite honest you were not gone,cos you did have a lot of big changes! And I so agree with how you put it,the 'monstrosity' of huge projects 'intimidating' oneself.I keep feeling the same.There is so much I want to write about,but something keeps holding me back.

I love the new motto too.Best way to deal with things.

alicia said...

Miss you and that beautiful boy.