Monday, June 6, 2011

It has a name and it's name is EM-MO

Just a few short, very sweet and very endearing things my little boy does that makes me fall in love with him every day.

He has some terry cloth bibs with Elmo a Cookie Monster on them that he took an immediate liking too. Not for the purpose they are intended to be used, but to be his little "lovie" or "blankey". Comfort item du jour. He requests his Em-MO like so, "Em-MO? Em-MO?" with a hint of a french accent. I swear. Since his habit started we are now quick to pick up the same set of bibs when we are out and about knowing that we will lose (like the one we lost at the OB visit - oops, went right in the trash) some and some will get beyond repair or need to be washed at the same time. The other thing that is cute is that his Em-MO doesn't have to be Elmo. It can be Cookie Monster or a character from Cars. He just has a hankering for the terry cloth.

Today at the park Henry picked up a nearly dead cicada. I did very well to go over there to tell him that the life was leaving the body of the insect and tell him to gently put it down. He understood, placed it on the ground and said, "Bye bye cayda!" and then he stomped on it. Well, you win some lose some.

At story time today at Whole Foods they brought service animal dogs (dogs that are trained to help those with disabilities) and each trainer would read a story with her dog by her side and then the kids would get a chance to pet the animal and ask questions. It was really sweet and all was going well until balloons were spotted. Now this was our first experience with balloons being blown up and kids bouncing them around and making noises with them and my little boy was a trembling mess. I mean he was shaking!! Scared!! And since I myself have a bit of a fear of the balloons I didn't even ask any questions. That was that and we left.

We have been getting out of the house almost every day for the past two weeks and I know part of it is guilt. I am feeling sad that these days with my little boy unshared are numbered and I also want him to get to go out of the house and experience summer (my favorite season) because when Lucy gets here it will be quite an adjustment on him. I can't do anything about that, just make it as easy as possible, be fair and be realistic and I think we all know I'm crazy enough to do it.

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Caitlin said...

I loved the story about the cicada. At least he warned it before it went bye-bye? I hope you're feeling better!!!