Thursday, April 8, 2010

The AC did done broke.

Today I am spring cleaning. Or whatever, just cleaning.

A lot of Henry's clothes that he's outgrown and have sentimental value are boxed and ready to go in the attic. The closet is clean and I think we're ready to start hanging his clothes instead of folding. In my mind hanging is easier than folding.

Our AC is broke right now and if this sounds like a rerun it's because it is. Last year it was "breaking" the whole spring/summer and now it is BROKE. I'll spare you the details but I threw a shit fit when we came home on Monday evening to an 85 degree house (94 outside). I think the insulation in our house SUCKS. Even with the windows open it only cooled down to 79 last night in the living room. So, after I through the shit fit I promptly went to Target to get a window unit and that's kept us cool for the last 3 days for the most part. I'm thankful that we're supposed to return to normal temps and it shouldn't be so bad the next week. Anyway, Friday the AC people are coming out to evaluate the situation and Wednesday is the installation day. There goes our tax refund and more! :) What can ya do, right?

That's what's going on at our house, what's going on at yours?


katandkarl said...

suckage, friend. i hate when 'bonus' money goes to home repair. boo.

Karen said...

Hope you get it worked out. Thank goodness for the tax refund, though, right!?

Anwesha said...

I hope this new AC unit will last you much much longer and you do not have to repeat this post next year this time woman :)
Hmm so nothing much going on in my house.Everyone's gearing up for June,I am looking forward to getting done with the interview.My birdies are fine and chirpy as ever Andrea!!