Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm Brunette

A few months ago I posted on Facebook about a plastic real life sized deer that was in the backyard of one of our neighbors. Their backyard faces a busier street in the 'hood so I assumed, being the city girl that I am, that it was a surveillance camera trying to catch speeders. I drove by that house very slow and carefully thinking I was pulling one over on "the man". "Ahhhh haaa", I thought. I'm on to you sneaky Garner Police!" When I received comments on Facebook I was embarrassed to learn that it was NOT a police camera but a hunting practice prop. So apparently people target practice on this plastic animal. Surveillance camera. Right...

So yesterday when I drove by Bambi's back yard I realized that she/he had been beheaded. Yes, the head was completely gone. Tis now but a headless animal to practice hunting on. WTF? GONE. I am baffled by what happened. I may need to take pictures.

Other stupid things I have done/said?

I once saw a cool tattoo on a guys arm at the bar. I asked a friend what the hell that symbol was, to which he replied, "It's an infinity symbol". I whispered back, "why would you get a car brand tattooed on your arm? Lame.".

I once cleaned out my fridge for the first time ever. Yes, you are reading that right. First time ever. When I was done and the fridge was bare I sprinkled Arm and Hammer baking soda in the fridge like Carpet Fresh. Then I called my mother asking her why anyone would do such a thing because now my fridge was all dirty again. Apparently you just need to put the whole BOX in the fridge.

I once stole a recipe from my Mom for a jalapeno corn casserole to take to my works Thanksgiving dinner. Well, she just TOLD me the recipe, nothing in writing. So the next day at work she asked me how the casserole went and how long I baked it. "Baked it?" Yeah. Didn't bake it. No one complained though.

There are lots of other stupid things I have done/said. I'm really not dumb, I swear.


Suzanne said...

This is exactly what i love about you!!! You're incredibly smart with bursts of Andrea-isms. Love it! :)

Anwesha said...

haha ! I loved the part about the infinity symbol ! Cos the rest were just cultural or American references which alluded me.But Missie you are one cheeky smart woman and I love ya !