Thursday, April 1, 2010

6 Months - The Holy Grail of Baby-isms

Dear Hank the Tank,

Boy oh Boy have you grown and earned your nickname. You are BIG! Not rolls of cute baby fat big, but just um, large of stature. I don't have your 6 month stats yet as your 6 month check up isn't until the 15th of this month. But I will tell you that you're growing out of your 9 month sized clothes and moving on in to your 12 month onesies and sleepers.

You are the reason for so many things in my life. Happy reasons.

Your smile and laugh are delightful! You laugh all the time, even when you are tired. You whine a couple of times then laugh and repeat. Your new favorite social thing to do is "play-cough" to see if your adult buddy will repeat. Then you (and I) will go on and on laughing and coughing.

I swear you are saying Mammmm maaah when you are cranky and hungry. But it could be that I am hearing what I want to hear. I do that a lot.

Here are the milestones you are currently doing:
Eating solids (smushed up solids)
Eating bits and bobs of bread and cereals
starting to use a sippy-cup but get pissed off when it doesn't work for you
rolling over from front to back
attempting to crawl
sitting up (with pillows on all sides 'coz you tumble over sometimes
cry when I leave the room (sometimes)
getting more intelligent with your hand eye coordination
laughing until you get hiccups

And I'm sure I'm leaving some off...but that small list is not the point of this letter. The point is to tell you how much we love you and how honored we are to be your parents.

Everyone tells me what a happy baby you are and how joyful you are and it's the truth! I always tell your Daddy that you have a fan club wherever we go. People recognize and say hello to you at the grocery store I shop at and you always greet them with a smile.

**Blatant shout outs here** Quite the traveler, you have made 3 complete round air flights to see Nana-Jana, Pop, Uncle Kyle, Grampers and Grandma H, Great Mini Aunt Rose Ann, and cousin Melissa and Davis, and Aunt Meg, Kris and Uncle Kelly in Tulsa. Multiple car rides to Grandma and Grandpa P and Aunt Angela, Uncle Damian and Cousin Damian. And we're getting ready to fly to St. Louis to see your cousin Nathan and Aunt Jen and Uncle Chad. You are an excellent traveler and I love that we're able to take these trips. This summer you'll get to go to your first wedding (out of belly) when Uncle John and Aunt Weezy get married. Exciting!! You're extended family loves, adores and spoils you too.

I'm looking forward to and getting kind of nervous for the next few months as you become increasingly mobile. I'm sure it will be "fun" and exhausting. But that's okay. This is great - this parenting thing.

Love you for always for ever and ever for sure,



s a r a h said...

oh my gosh! i clearly do not visit your blog enough because that child has changed so much that i am in SHOCK. he is adorable - always was - but is so much more of a little man now!!! oh happy six months to you and him and daddy-o.

i promise i will get better about my visits - especially this summer when i am off work... school is just crazy and i am jv cheer sponsor and working/motherhood/matt being gone/everything/i am full of excuses/and also a crappy internet-er at night when i am sleepy!

love love and cheers to you and hank the tank!

Caitlin said...

That is such a cute letter. And an adorable little boy. I love the picture!