Friday, June 18, 2010

Dear Henry on the 8th Month

Oh Henry...

This little boy is growing so fast,

Saying Maa-maa or Mum or Mom more and more often and sometimes with purpose and not just a babble you make.


You are a master crawler and you crawl with the uptmost speed, even faster if I crawl behind you threatening to tickle your chunky little legs.

You squeeeeeeel with delight and your awws and oooohs are even more cute now that I think you've figured out how to control the volume.

When you are mad you'll kick your legs and sometimes (to our delight!!) you'll say, "Nine nine NINE NINE NINE NINE!!!!" It's really hilarious, my little german.

You were born here in Raleigh, NC but you'll be one of those kids that will be growing up in a different place than you were born. I never was one of those kids. I lived in the same place my entire life until I moved to Raleigh...funny, huh?

Your eighth month has been joyfully stressful: Your Uncle John and Grandma and Grandpa Pautsch take off for India this Sunday (6/20/10) to meet your soon to be official Aunt Anwesha! We'll let you call her Aunt Weezy if you want to, When they get back next weekend we'll be gone. Daddy got a new job in St, Louis, MO. You, I and Nana-Jana will be in Tulsa while Daddy heads straight to Saint Louis to find us a home to rent. It'll be a good time to catch up and visit some of our OK family and friends.

This weekend will be our last one amongst our NC family of friends. I hope we get to see them all. They all love and adore you. One day I'm sure they'll tell stories about Mom & Dad that you won't want to hear. You know, shenanigans.

Either way you are growing most excellently, your sense of humor gets keener every day, and I swear your hair is growing a fourth an inch a day. To cut or not to cut?!?

I love you little boy and I'll never take that for granted.

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Lerin said...

If only he could give some of his mad hair-growing skills to Lucy... ;)