Sunday, June 27, 2010

15 Mins to think of a title, only to choose this


In the past 8 weeks we have, as a family, gone through, enjoyed, and stressed the following things in order:

  • Went to Saint Louis for a family visit (sis in law, bro in law & adorable nephew).
  • Wished telehubby good luck on an important job interview
  • returned back to Raleigh
  • found out telehubby got job, yay! Relocation is awesome, closer to family on both sides
  • had break down number one when I realized that moving from RDU to STL meant saying goodbye to my good friends in the RDU area
  • got excited that I would be closer to Tulsa friends!
  • couldn't tell RDU friends about move; hubby work related, complicated....
  • went on vacation to Oak Island, NC for a week. Yay! Fun! It was awesome, a little chaotic with 3 boys under 18 months in the house. Henry slept in one of the bathrooms (in his pack and play of course, and no, I am NOT joking. He loved it.
  • Discovered Henry loves the water. Since I was on the swim team in High School I experienced my first hope that my son would inherit something other than my sense of humor, my talent for swimming and love of the water
  • Returned from beach and started operation clean and get rid of items in the house
  • Shared the news with Raleigh friends that we had to move, sad, sad.
  • Had second break down when I thought of all that had to be done that I hadn't thought of before...discussed renting vs selling our RDU home. We're renting it out for the time.
  • My Mom arrived from Tulsa for a previously planned vacation on her part to help me with Henry while we packed and ran around the house like chickens on speed.
  • Since we do not have a home yet in STL we decided that I would stay with my parents for a couple weeks while Alan started his new job and found a rental home for us in STL. This meant that I would need to drive, with my baby boy, an 18 hr drive through 3 states.
  • Panic!!!
  • Bought new car seat for road trip
  • Packed enough clothes for 2 weeks for myself and Henry. Had to make it compact enough to fit in a VW Rabbit, plus Mom's luggage, pack and play (portable crib) and a stroller. Seriously like playing Tetris to get it all in there. Discovered Henry is a great traveler! Hotel for 2 nights, drove 3 days. It worked out perfect.
  • Arrived in Tulsa.
  • Started experiencing breakout symptoms of BPPV that are making me irritable, drugged out from nausea medicine and paranoid. Why paranoid? Because I am afraid I will fall with a baby in my arms. Or people are going to think I am drunk because of the slurring of occasional words and walking sideways.

We're all just a little exhausted of course. Thankful to be here with no problems and happy to have this adventure as a memory. We are hanging out here until we have word on a home in STL. Telehubby is staying at an hotel/apartment place. It sucks being apart and not knowing what's going on exactly. Could be much worse though.

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