Monday, October 26, 2009

It's a Frivality Thing

One thing that you just HAD TO HAVE when you found out you were expecting? I'm talking about the item that no matter how many people tell you not to waste your time you still had to have it and you didn't care. Mine was the Diaper Genie. I even got mine give to me by Miche so as a bonus, I didn't even have to BUY my item.

The point is I'm quickly finding out that it's not all it's cracked up to be. It's mainly the cost of the refills that get me. Almost $5.00! So we're going to be doing something different.

My other had to have frivolous item was a Moses Basket. I also got a hand me down on that as well. I totally used that Moses Basket and Sir Henry slept in our room in it for the first week of his life.


Jenn said...

Which one do you have? I have used the older models which I have not liked at all and everyone I have talked to says the new one (Elite) is AWESOME. You dont have to touch anything at all, just drop the diaper in and it holds more than the older versions. No pushing the diaper down or twisting the diaper or anything.

Andrea or MoM said...

I have the original, no frills version.

Miche said...

I actually found some more refills, so on Sat remind me to dig those out for you; they are in JR's closet.

Miche said...

Oh, and my frivolous item was a bunch of super soft chamois crib sheets from pottery barn kids. I'm so glad I got them, too. On cold nights I love knowing that JR can snuggle against warm sheets, even if he kicks off the baby blanket. They are so soft I would seriously buy them for my bed if Bill would let me. (he likes simply cotton better). I spent too much on them, but Id do it again.