Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sir Frowny Face in my Face

Today is one of those days where if you were considering having a child I'd have you come over and observe. So you would know what you're possibly in for. My poor sweet child is wicked, angry has flailing limbs and not to be messed with today. I know he's full, fed, clean, non-over stimulated, in other words there is nothing wrong with him. But he has been crying for over 4 hours now. It was the same yesterday. I am going to call the doctor in the morning and see if we can get in. It's really hard to watch your kiddo be so inconsolable and it's maddening to me. Of course when Alan gets home he's peaches and cream, but that won't be for hours.

Perhaps it's the formula I am using? We supplement breastfeeding with formula, so maybe one of them is irritating him. I also noticed his nose was a little stuffy, too.

On top of that “The Fat” (my cat Ginger) is driving me batty running around grooming herself compulsively, pulling her fur out and lick, lick, licking.

I've cried a lot today.


Shammy said...

Aww I'm sorry to hear that's he's having a bad few days or rather you both are. At least you can get a break when Alan comes home. I think you might be right about the formula too. I've heard stories were babies try a few different kinds before finding the right one. Hang in there!
I was curious how Ginger was doing with Henry around....

Miche said...

I remember having days like that :) Try a lactose free formula or the gentle-esse (how to spell?) and see if that helps any (if the doc says that sounds good too)

Also, when you are at your whits end, please know you can call me anytime and we can endure the crying together :)

joyfully gray said...

Oh I know those days. Thank God they pass.