Monday, March 8, 2010

Tiny Feet

I have to admit I miss the absence on the nights that he is away, slaving away, writing some computer language or training some other nerdy-smart pants on how to do like the most impossible math problem in computer language ever, I am sure. I miss his body next to mine in bed even though his body temperature runs at least 10 more than mine and is like a hot water heater, even went not needed.

I miss him. I admire him. I love him.

But the the other side of the cool sheet is the interrupted sleep with no snores, which I also love. No sheet or blanket wars, no grumbling from me in the morning when his 5am alarm goes off and he keeps snoozing it. But back scratches and snuggles. Boo.

I love him so, my strange giant. My rock. My boy friend who's been around since my teens and HA, we are married.

He's participated in given me the best gift from God of all, my Son, Henry. Every day it's more a joy to take care of him and he's so loved and social. I hope he keeps the social aspect. I was such a timid little girl to most (I know, imagine that!). But he is starting to recognize words and he thinks that every bottle is his. His tiny little hand grasped out to a beer I was drinking making me feel like a lush when I refused to give in to his whim. There's no reasoning with a tiny person at that point. Just sip sips when he looks the other way.

My brother is here this week. We have a good relationship now, but it wasn't always so. I was horrible to him. In fact, I'd say I am just NOW getting to know and understand my brother. He's accomplished a lot these past years, things to be very proud of like getting his GED, getting a job, working at/with a traveling carnival. He's funny, he's smart, and Henry just loves him. So I am lucky to have this opportunity to get to know my brother more and for Henry to know him from the very beginning.

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katandkarl said...

awww have fun with your brother! love your strange giant phrase!