Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Night Office Marathons Rule

I have a millions things to blog about, none of them relevant about my life right now, but just my life. However, I have found I have too many things to do during the day. Hellooooo teething baby with excessive drool.

Visit with Kyle was awesome. He left at 6:50am this. Remind me to have words with my stepfather for booking such an early flight (jk!)

We have a Wii....my life has not changed at all. I thought I was going to be impressed. I fucking hate video games. Always.

Taking better care of myself. I actually ate and drank water today. My new meds are kicking my ass. Dr. on Thursday. Down 12 pounds this month which is awesome, but it's not from healthy lifestyle.

I have a cute video to share of Henry laughing and me being a bossy-butt and I'll close with that today because it's perfect. Teekle-Teekle!


Caitlin said...

Oh that laugh! I'd tickle him all day if I were you.

I actually like our Wii. Have you tried rock band yet? It's more fun with drums....

Anwesha said...

I loved this blog.Not much about anything,but just gives away an over-all feeling ,well some of it suggests you are dealing with stuff,some suggest you are also doing just fine !
I too have my apprehensions about being inducted into the video games world,John and me have to find that common ground,and JP suggested I could start with Monkey Kong(or some similar sounding name)hehe!