Thursday, May 20, 2010


Drogging (drunk blogging) makes for a stupid blog, like my last entry. Yeah, I thought I was being all profound and shit.


Lots going on right now.

I have a crawling baby boy. A happy baby boy and a very handsome baby boy. Who knew that little boys were so much fun? Every day I love him so much more. He has two little bottom teeth poking out when he smiles, which is all the time. Seriously, I have a very happy baby with a good sense of humor.

We got back from St. Louis a week ago and I haven't even got to think about the trip. But I do like Saint Louis (always have) and I love my family there. The architecture is to die for, if you're into that and apparently in my family I am the only one who is. I love all the little ginger bread houses and just the thought that a modern family lives in a home that someone lived in in the 18oo's. IT.AMAZES.ME. The doors are short, the ceilings are short, stairs are different. Seriously, I love it.

Here are a couple of pictures to share of Henry and his cousin while in STL:

P.S. I have to brag: I would like to announce that I am NOW 60lbs down from when I was pregnant. I gained 20lbs when I was pregnant so that makes it 40lbs of "real" weight I've lost AND I'm back to my same jeans size and weight I was from 6 years ago when I moved to Raleigh. I am proud of myself for once.

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