Monday, May 24, 2010

Laundry and Crawling


That's the accomplishment today. For a week I have been trying to tackle this never ending laundry battle of all sorts of evil socks, burp cloths, underwear, blankets, never ending.

This girl has now decided to SORT laundry now which I've never done before in my life, but now I must concede and submit. Sorting laundry, never thought I'd do that. Never thought I'd write a blog about laundry or get excited about it but such is my life now. Different, fun. Like reading about it seems lame but it's not because it's an a BATTLE and I will WIN.

For the record I will still not IRON.

Why am I using all these CAPS? I just it's because when you read it just imagine me being EXTRA DRAMATIC when I SAY the CAPITALIZED words. I am not yelling, just being dramatic.

My life has taken a turn. Henry has learned to crawl and he gets faster every day. It's so much fun but like with all other developmental wins with a baby it's exhausting for parents. Takes a while to get into the groove and then he'll be walking and we'll get used to that and so on and so on. I'm not complaining.

On top of that Hank the Tank has a tummy virus which means lots of diaper changes and wrestling matches when we change the diaper.

And in closing here is a link of my baby crawling...awww. :) Tank crawl.

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