Monday, May 3, 2010

In My Room

I always wonder why it is that being alone in my bedroom is something I crave.

After a long day, if I have survived and everyone is fed and has all limbs attached

Well, my aching just NEEDS to be alone. Blissfully alone, freedom.

No smiles.
No frowns.
No cries.

And now, no spit up or poop.

I don't ask for a lot. I realize that NOW I am not my own. I have to share myself with my family. People NEED things from me; company, laundry, love, hugs, laughs, tickles, but mainly, most importantly, love.

I give, give, give...

and enjoy.

But sometimes I just need 15 minutes of uninterrupted time without having to scrub cat barf off the floor, fold laundry, start the dishwasher, fix the toilet, etc. (The former mentioned was my previous attempt at "alone" time).

Now I have a hubby who is hands on with our son on all days but especially hands on for Monday nights which are MY nights. Where I lock myself in my room with a snack and watch Intervention while catching up on blogs and maybe even writing.

And for an hour or two I am MYself, all by MYself, and I am content in my solitude.


Anonymous said...

It's important to have ME time. I value that myself. I can only imagine that will become even more important once a child is in the picture. I'm so glad Alan is understanding of this and gives you the chance to take a time out for yourself. I know Shawn will do the same for me. What amazing husbands we have been blessed with :)
- Tammy

katandkarl said...

I feel ya. I love some alone time!

Anwesha said...

Andrea, how do you write about things which are exactly on my mind and you go ahead and write it not only perfectly but you so strongly echo my feelings ,all the time!!
I truly love that ME time,selfish ME time and it is so good,so therapeutic.God!
I am so happy you have your Monday nights,and what you do sounds like a perfect way to spend that time.
Munching on bed,laptop open,tv playing,and crumpled bedsheets(for me) hehe!