Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tooth and Nail

Now that my hair is falling out by the handful I am getting antsy and want to cut it off or something. I'm not sure, but I need to do something. Any suggestions?

Here is a pic of me recently with Babyguy:

I have a nagging wisdom tooth (just one!) that's been coming in for over 4 years now on my upper right side and yesterday and today it really hurts. I should get it removed. I used to think that wisdom teeth removal was a totally unncessesary operation invented by cruel dentists to make money. I used to go on and on about it until I started getting my first wisdom tooth in and realized why they remove them. They hurt. Bad. It's still not enough for me to take immediate action though...not yet. When did your wisdom teeth start coming in? I've always been a late bloomer on everything. I only have one coming in and I'm 28. My g/f Alicia is a couple years younger than me and she also has her first tooth coming in.

Okay, boring. Talking about teeth. Sorry to put you through that.


joyfully gray said...

andrea - you are also a very talented writer ... thank you for always showering me with compliments :)

we are lucky to have husband's with such sweet beards! scratchy or not .. i love the calico quality!

ps ... you look lovely! and that little man at your side is quite handsome.

joyfully gray said...

oh right and about this post ... dude, my wisdom teeth came in late as well and they hurt like a bitch! (language - sorry). i had them removed only a few years ago and it was well worth it. ouch!

alicia said...

i dunno if i'm going to have mine removed, i'm super sick to my stomach and don't know if it from the wisdom tooth or e's stomach virus. andy's mom says clove oil is the key, but i was too sick to get over to the pharmacy with a toddler in tow.

i think we're both late bloomers - they are supposed to come in around 18-21!

you and henry look so cute! i hope your toofer feels better!

Karen said...

I had mine taken out when I was 16. I don't think they had started coming in yet, though. Dakota had his removed at 24, and they were all the way grown in at that point. I think his dentist wanted them out because he was starting to see decay back there. It's hard to keep them clean b/c there are so many grooves in them, I think.

Anonymous said...

You could always add some color, maybe highlights or something? I do love your natural color though but I totally understand wanting a change. I'm already getting sick of my hair and what to change it lol

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled @ 19. They put me out so I didn't feel a thing, so it wasn't too bad at all.