Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Up and the Tallness

I am so very thankful. It's been 3 days since I cried or had an emotional outbreak. I am feeling so, so much better.

Internet friends are a great thing. In a way it's free therapy. They don't really know me, I don't really know them yet we share a common passion, writing. So thank you.

Everything is going pretty well except for this stomach bug that's going around. I really did go out and buy a whole boat-load of disinfectant wipes and cleaners today. I usually buy non-antibacterial cleaners but um, I'm scared and I don't want to get sick. Everyone I know has had this bug over the past 3 weeks and it's in our house right now. I won't get into too many details but yes, telehubby has it.


Although I have enjoyed him at home the past two days. He's been working from home.

Henry's doing awesome! We have our 4/5 month appointment tomorrow. He's so interactive these days, busy developing his personality. It cracks me up that he turns into a hoot-owl every time we break out the camera. He's so mezmerized by it's sleek, red finish and flashing buttons and lights. As a result every picture is of him staring wide-eyed at the camera. I have one smiley photo I'll share with you.

He's really growing big and into Hank the Tank. I don't know why this surprises me, seeing how I come from a line of tall people and tele-hubby does too. Henry is 27.5 inches right now. TALL FOR A BABY. The other day I put a pair of 6 month pants on him that fit him in the waist but are sorta capri-ish on him now. I laughed and said, “Well. Welcome to a life of never finding pants or shirts that are long enough, Henry.


Caitlin said...

Love it! He's so adorable.

And I can't stop being a microbiologist for a second (even though I try) so I'll give you some bad news....if your stomach bug is caused by a virus (pretty likely) antibacterial wipes won't do a darn thing about it. Most of those products use something called triclosan in it, which only kills bacteria (and interestingly, needs about two minutes to work). Triclosan and most antibacterials won't do a damn thing to viruses. The best option is to get rubbing alcohol (100% alcohol) and dilute it down to 70% with water (7 parts alcohol to 3 parts water) and use that to clean everything. It will kill basically all bacteria and viruses, is safe for everyone including baby, and doesn't lead to antibacterial resistance. Plus, it's cheap :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that picture of Alan and Henry!!! I'm glad you're feeling better! I miss ya! :)

Anonymous said...

Henry is super cute!!!