Friday, February 26, 2010


This winter can suck and blow it.

I'm late to the game seeing as February ends tomorrow but I'm stating for the record and repeating what the majority of people already know: February is the longest shortest month ever.

I haven't written because literally there's not much to report. Moods are good, baby is fun, hubby is home more (happy days!).

I haven't had a hair cut since September and it's in a permanent pony tail or french twist these days. This makes me want to cut my hair but the other side of me thinks it would be futile. I'd some how end up putting it in a pony tail anyway, especially since Henry's been reaching out and PULLING WITH SURPRISINGLY EXCESSIVE FORCE on my hair. So perhaps I'll go for a trim over the next couple of weeks but keep letting it grow. What do you guys think about some Bettie Page style bangs? On the other hand, maybe not....I dunno. Perhaps I should get another tattoo? I'm desperately trying to find some sort of something to do with myself.

Yard work this weekend, next weekend M-ville to see the inlaws & celebrate birthdays and then on the 8th my brother Kyle is coming for a visit. This is his first experience with flying and his first visit to NC. I'm excited!

And in conclusion of this blog entry Sir Henry would like to say, "Look at me! I am 5 months old on Saturday. Err, well, really it would be Sunday the 29th but since there is no 29th this month we're going with Saturday. My new hobby is rolling over to my tummy and crying within 5 minutes of tummy time because I forgot how to roll from tummy to back, even though that's what I did first. I'll figure it out. Oh and Mom made me sweet potatoes the other day and I hated them, which is odd because I LOVE Gerber's sweet potatoes. Go figure."


Caitlin said...

Oh those cheeks and blue eyes! If I show up and steal your baby, its not my fault, since I can't resist the adorable-ness.

I got bangs and I love them! I think you'd be adorable with them. Or just hack it all off. It's liberating :)

Miche said...

I'm with Caitlin, I think you would look super lovely with bangs! And I understand the boredom. Sigh.

Anwesha said...

I loved Henry speak at the end.He is just so adorable,and a wise boy for his years :)
hmm Aunt Weezy says " We need to tell your mama to teach me some of her fabulous chicken rolls that she would make and also we need to remind you that there is someone in India who is smitten by you " hugs !!