Tuesday, November 10, 2009

6 weeks

Dear Henry:

Today you are 6 weeks old.

6 freakin' weeks! I can't believe it. You're so precious to me and even on our rough days you bring such a joy and pride to my heart sometimes I swear it will burst.

You have several new cries. We've identified your other cries: the demanding feed me now or I will blow your ear drums out cry, the I have a gas bubble and need to toot/burp hybrid whine cry, the I'm tired and I can't figure out how to calm down to sleep cry and the I have a ditty-diapah please clean me up NOW cry. You really do have your own language!

We discovered the lost art of swaddling which works wonders on you. Thank you “The Happiest Baby on the Block”.

Your Daddy insists that I call your night gowns sleep shirts because boys don't wear gowns. Whatever. He doesn't know I change your outfit multiple times a day and sometimes even put styling gel in your hair. I do what I want. I'm a boss.

I am in love with your little face. You have such delicate features, everyone says you look like a little man already. You poor little thing, you have my thin lips, which are ADORABLE on you. Also, don't worry about it because seriously, after I had braces, they popped out and I had lips.

Also, on that note, I very much hope you do not inherit my vain gene and that you are humble and relaxed like your father. I will admit that you were outfit coordinated with your car seat today as we went to Target and Kroger. You also do very well in a shopping cart and usually sleep through our shopping outings (a possible sign you will be like Alan and hate shopping? Hmm?).

Your personality blooms every day. We play a game called “Kiss the Baby!” where I say “kiss the baby!” in a silly voice then kiss your face all over. It really gets you excited, smiling and cooing. You still love to chill out in on your changing table and boppy. That's where IT'S.AT.

We love you so much and are proud of your little milestones like last night when you slept 7 hours straight, when you discovered your hands and suck on your fingers and when you take interest in a toy.

I'm so glad you are here and the unique and sometimes challenging ways you have changed our life. It's a welcome change.


joyfully gray said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Isn't it amazing how much CHANGE they evoke? I mean serious, ground breaking change these little creatures create. Wow. I just know EXACTLY what you mean.

Geez. And the LOVE. It's BIG TIME.

Congrats on six weeks! Happy birthday, Sir Henry.

katandkarl said...

:) sweet little sweetie mc sweeterson. want to nom his cheeks!

blaze said...

Too sweet!