Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gaga for Gaga!

OMG I love her so much...I can't explain it but I think that I've been looking for a Madonna-esque type replacement and for a minute I thought it was going to be Gwen Stefani, but then, SHE came along!

I listened twice.


emotional diva said...

the highlight of my afternoon was getting your twitter update. OMG i am soooooooooooo gaga for gaga too!! i have been listening to her almost every day all day!!! geez she makes me want to undergo all types of body altering surgeries just so i can rock it like her! except for the nose thing. no way mine's large enough as it is!

thank you for posting this. i think i literally clapped out loud when it started and ended! all 5 times!

alicia said...

that video was horrifying! those vinyl costumes remind me of the faceless nurses from silent hill. EEK!

anyone else picking up on the marilyn manson vibe?

joyfully gray said...

I am SO FREAKING into Lady Gaga too. I thought something was wrong with me, in fact! Thank God someone else is enthralled by her as well! I'm totally mesmerized by her look, what is it?!