Saturday, November 7, 2009


You know, sometimes someone just needs to remind you who you are as a person. I was lucky enough to have a friend remind me that I am strong and confident and to speak up when I have something to say. Somewhere along the way I feel like I forgot and lost my way as a person. This friend gave me valuable advice and encouraging words and I feel like I now have the strength to do what's right for me. So thank you, friend!

And now...

I really hate the movies Braveheart, Gladiator, Dances With Wolves and Titanic. Why? Because they are played so much on TV and for some reason my husband always has to watch them even though we've seen them a million times. I hate re-watching movies.

I've kind of been stuck in the house since Wednesday. Technically I could go anywhere I want but there's not much you can do with a 5 week old when you're completely neurotic about the flu(s). Kroger and Target have been the only two places I've ventured out to and every time I hear someone cough I look around to see who it was and if they look sick. Isn't that horrible?!?

Sir Henry grew out of his first newborn sized outfit this week much to my surprise. It was kind of a sad moment for me! He's also discovered his hands and has spent the last couple of days sucking on his hand and fingers. It's really fascinating to see him realize that the hand he's chewing on is his. He also has a new, high pitched cry and whimper thing he does an it totally breaks my heart when I hear it. The cry means he needs to burp or toot and he's letting me know I need to pick him up and pat his back. Seriously! Amazing.


joyfully gray said...

I cried and cried when Lucia grew out of her newborn clothes... so I know EXACTLY what you mean. I can also relate to the coughing thing in public .. I STILL look around and feel like we need to hurry and move out of the vicinity.

Shannon said...

We're totally neurotic about the flu too, especially me. Hell, by now Trent knows the drill... don't touch ANYTHING when we go anywhere, especially your mouth/nost/eyes, and sanitizer after every place we leave. Then when we get home we wash our hands because I don't completely trust sanitizer, lol. Even Lily reaches her hands out now when she sees me reaching for the sanitizer!