Sunday, November 1, 2009

Random Sunday V1

Short list:

Things I love now that I am older:

Baskets: Give me a basket to put in my house and I will find some sort of shit to put in that wicker beauty.

Red Wine: Un-doing the hard work of my bi-yearly Whitestrips.

Cleaning products: Ahhh, the smell of Cl.orox bleach. Reminds me of swim team and clean houses.

Quiet bars: Not that I'm frequenting them lately, but I love being able to converse with my friends in an indoor voice rather than yelling at them over horrible pop music avoiding boys that wear too much hair gel and wear too tight shirts.


Was awesome. Henry had a little bear costume he wore but it was too hot so he wore his skull and crossbones onesie all night. Yes, it was hot. Like 90% humidity and 78 and soooo muggy.

We went to a PART-AY – with real adults in fun costumes and I had a few glasses of wine and it was wickedly delicious. Alan's awesome, he didn't drink at all so I could let loose. He knows how important Halloween is to me.

Pictures posted later.

Other news:

My dear sweet son is losing his spiky hair that I put in a baby mohawk every day. It's chick-fluffiness is getting sparser and sparser. Ah, well. I've heard it grows back and I always have liked bald men....

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joyfully gray said...

Wine is good. It makes life better.
Adult time is good too. I think I need some soon.