Friday, November 27, 2009

Dear Hank

Dear Henry,

My son.

Last week I took you on your first of many trips to Tulsa. You were 7 weeks old. I was so nervous to fly with you! Mainly scared you would be in pain on the flights due to the air pressure and I wouldn't be able to comfort you. Instead you blessed me with a long nap from Raleigh to Denver. I got to see the Rocky Mountains for the first time ever and they weren't anything in comparison to you.

We rolled around in Denver airport and strangers stopped me to ask how old you were, how did you do on the flight and to tell me how cute you were. You always have your own little fan club wherever we go.

We finally got to Tulsa and your Nana and Grampers picked us up. Again, you were still a trooper, letting us transport you from stroller to car seat and back in the car. We had to stop and get Taco Bueno on the way home for Mommy, of course.

Nana and Aunt Nutmeg fed you a bottle and then we went ahead and put you to bed. You went right to sleep, only waking once in the night for a feeding and then fell right back asleep.

We're blessed.

On your travels you got to meet The Amazing Davis, Cousin Lisser, Cousin Dave and the Mini Aunt. We spent a whole day playing with you and comforting you as you had quite a tummy ache.

You also got to meet, Pop and Mrs. Pop and your other step-brothers and sisters on my Dad's side. They loved you!

Tammy and her husband got to see you as well. Tammy getting in some good practice for when her and Shawn start a family one day..

While we were in Tulsa you had your own little bedroom at Nana's. You slept all by yourself in a pack and play. You slept the whole night through for the first time at Nana and Grampers, sleeping from 9pm to 6:30 am. This was repeated a couple of nights then we started waking up again around 4am for a feeding. No big deal. You always go right back to sleep.

Nana spoiled you lots and gave me a break by waking up a few times for the 4am feeding when I didn't hear your cries (note to self, bring baby monitor next time!).

Everyone comments on how alert you are and “what a good baby” you are. It's true. You're a very good natured child. And you're huge. 13 lbs now. Doubled your birth rate already!

You're very loved. Here, there, everywhere.

My little boy you'll always be!

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Anwesha said...


so nice to read his about his early days,his adventures.I am a big Sir Henry fan ,and I cannot wait to see the little young man.It is amazing he has been sleeping well and uniterrupted.I guess that is a big achievement in the baby world.Aunt weezy is very excited about your and Henry's little getaways.