Monday, December 7, 2009


Is there a clever term for people who disappear from Facebook, Myspace and other social media sites claiming that they are tired of said social network? You roll your eyes at such people as I have, but now,

I'd like to be labeled as one.

I'm not really going to delete any accounts, because that's silly, but I am going to try to stop frequenting them so, well, frequently these days. I'm burnt out and who fucking cares if I cleaned the house from top to bottom in 2 hours while my child was asleep and that I'm not on crack?

Status updates, while entertaining, are mostly benign.

More importantly, social media sites provide me a connection to friends in real life and on the internet and FAMILY. I'm starting to feel a disconnect from the real world and internet world. And that has to be unhealthy.

I'm going to keep writing and blogging but for a week I am avoiding facebook and twitter to give my brain a break and to get better focus on other things.

Then after a week I'm going to ease myself back into it with time restrictions.

I have a few writing aspirations that I'd like to focus on so I can become rich and famous. Or just rich. Let me tell you, this housecleaning business is for the birds and I'd love to be able to afford a talented, organized professional to handle it for me.


Stacia said...

I said the exact same thing this morning! I must back off from facebook....

emotional diva said...

bah. i shall miss your face no matter how often you are or aren't on fb.

i'm so glad i'm not subjected to only being an "electronic" extention of your friends/family!