Friday, January 29, 2010

4 Months

Baby Guy,

Today you are a whole four months old! Man, has it been wild with you here in our life and we love it. You have the sweetest disposition. Your little personality shines brighter each and every day. You're quickly displaying character traits of both myself and Alan and it's so funny! For example, when I smile at you you'll smile back and open your mouth really wide while smiling and it reminds me of myself. Your eyes are as blue as your Daddy's and you're 27 inches tal1 and 17 pounds, which is awesome.

I still love to dress you up although you're growing out of your clothes quickly these days. You're wearing size 9 months and above. You're not a chunk at all, you're just big! Which is not surprising at all looking at myself and Alan. We're just big people. I am hoping you inherit your Daddy's metabolism and knack for being athletically inclined. But if you don't that's awesome too, maybe you'll be more like me and be funny, loud and love to write.

Either way, we'll love you for always forever and ever for sure.

You're such a handsome guy! In fact, my nickname for you is Baby-guy because you just look like such a little boy. We spike up your hair giving you a faux hawk because little boy hair just does not suit you in my opinion. The grandparents don't think much of that hairstyle because every time they watch you they comb your hair down. And I let them because who cares, right?

You are such a dream baby, sleeping from 9pm-8am every night since you were 6 weeks old, give and take a few nights. You don't take too many daytime naps, just little 20 minute cat naps now and then. Although I am still working on getting you on a set afternoon nap at least for an hour. You're not a fan.

Right now you are sick with something called RSV and an ear infection in your right ear. It's fairly common among kids your age and from what I can tell it's like a bad cold. I took you to the doctor yesterday because we heard you weezing Wednesday night and were concerned. The doctor was not too worried about that but was happy that I brought you in. You're on a pink antibiotic that you take like a champ. I still remember the smell and taste of that stuff as I took it when I was a little girl. It's the same stuff, can you believe it? Bubble gum flavored Amoxicillin. YUM. Despite being sick you are still pretty cheerful and smiley. Just a little fussier than normal in the afternoon.

Speaking of eating – WOW. At 3 months old you were eating 8ozs every 2 hours and then spitting up most of it, which is why you wanted to eat every 2 hours I assume. We started putting rice cereal in your bottles at 16 weeks and then you started eating 7ozs every 3.5-4 hours. Then we started spoon feeding you bits of rice cereal. After seeing how interested and how well you were eating like a big boy I started you on 1st solids – squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas and peas. YOU HATE PEAS. Just like I did! You love the sweet potatoes the most. So now, for your afternoon feeding you have a bit of veggies and cereal and you absolutely love it. I have so much fun feeding you!

Bath time is really hard now. It's so much easier with Dad around to help. You move around a lot and stiffen your body so that I can't sit you down in the tub. However, you have discovered you can splash around your legs and arms a lot and seem to enjoy that.

We're looking forward to you sitting up on your own which we work on every day. You roll over from your front to your back and now we just need to get you going the other way.

Your favorite song is Patty-Cake and you love it when I move your arms and hands around and clap your hands for you. You smile and laugh and it's so sweet!

Taking pictures of you is funny. You get a deer caught in the headlights look on you every time we bust out the camera. It's because the camera is red and it flashes a light before it snaps the picture and you are just so intrigued by it that you never smile, you just look so intrigued. It's funny.

But you're such a blessing and I can't believe how I lucked out on such a great little guy. I can't wait for all the next exciting first you do.

Love you for always forever and ever for sure,


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katandkarl said...

awwww poor little man with the RSV and ears!! Extra kisses!