Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shoe Woes

I love to shop. I love makeup, clothes, purses, scarves, etc. I love sales and the thrill it gives me when I find a good deal. I know my way around the mall better than I know any section of town and don't even get me started on my Target obsession. Yet I have one shopping hang up that surprises people.

I am a horrible shoe shopper.

I cannot ever bring myself to purchase shoes. I think it's because I am very particular when it comes to my feet. If the shoes are too tight, uncomfy, pinch, or make noises when I walk (yes, it has happened) all bets are off. I like to purchase 2 pairs of shoes for the whole season and make them match with everything. They must have a very slight heel because I have a high arch but I do not want real high heels because I'll be trompsing around the house, grocery shopping and taking care of Henry. But I'd like something a little more fancy than my purple and black New Balances or Rainbow flip flops which I currently sport.

I think another issue I have with shoes is that they're so expensive. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather spend $60 on a "good" pair of shoes than $60 on 3 pairs of crappy shoes. Quality is key but that's also the problem. If you get the shoes home and they don't work or they make your feet smell, well, that's $60. And yea, I'm kinda tight with money.

I need help!


alicia said...

the key here is that whatever shoe you choose you should wear around the house, after showering and with clean socks BEFORE trying them out on a long walk around the mall.

this will give you a chance to break them in a little, see where they rub, find out if they are wide enough (depending on the material they will stretch, of course), make sure the size is correct, etc.

this method will ensure that you are able to return the shoes you bought if they are horrible or ill-fitting! buy with reckless abandon, and remember that your shoes are probably THE most important article of clothing as your feet support your entire body!

also - shoes are really personal, just because everyone else swears by something doesn't mean it will work for you - go into richie's and company in cameron village, tell them what you're looking for and try on 20 pairs of shoes if that's what it takes!

Caitlin said...

so, shoes are the thing in life that make me happy, so I'll leave a comment.

I am a big believer in quality over quantity. My two favorite brands? Poetic Licence and Oh....DEER! Both can be found on, which is a fantastic place for cheap, high quality shoes. The price can change quickly though, so if you love them, buy them. Poetic Licence especially has some great flats!

Also, try you can search by shoe type, color, brand, size, everything. And they take returns. I've done it quite a bit. And, if you ever need anyone to shoe shop with, call me. An adorable baby and shoes would be my version of heaven.

joyfully gray said...

i have shoe issues too. sometimes i screw myself by buying the three pairs of payless shoes that fall apart and then wish i had just splurged and bought the really nice pair of boots that would last me years. urg!