Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Medical Professional

If I were a medical professional I suppose I'd want to do something in skincare. Or maybe not. Oh god the smells, the smells! Decaying flesh, unwashed flesh, dirty fingernails, gross. There's really not much I'd be able to do then I guess. I could be a front office type personnel. "Hi Mr. Johnson! So, you're here to see about the decaying mob of flesh upon your face? Sure, Dr. Holiday will be right in. Take a seat please".

Um, no. That would so not please my professional bits.

Would I care to work in a plastic surgeons office? Same bit there. Blood, ooze, pain pain pain...and that's just the patients.

So let's try psychiatry. Yea, that would work. I'm already familiar with the drugs and I'm half crazy anyways. I'd mesh with the clients well.

**This was a random writing exercise**


WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

To enter a mind
And travel its thoughts
You might find
Is full of wroughts.
A nightmare to share
Of who, why, what, where
Needs a logical prognosis
Of possible psychosis.

A good prompt for some witty thoughts. Ha! Very amusing. Thank you. Take care. Bye.

anwesha said...

I liked it.Your writing and your cool personality makes me wonder if you ever wrote a book,it would strongly remind me of Diablo Cody.Have you read any of her books or anything?You write fun,cool stuff and also serious things,but very cleverly wrapped in humor.