Friday, January 8, 2010

I bid my Aww-dooos.

Tomorrow we leave this lovely, fun and dysfunctional town to head to our own lovely, fun and dysfunctional town on the East Coast. I'm very anxious to fly just because I always am AND with a baby it makes things a little more nerve racking. Not everyone feels the way I do about it, but going through security with a child is very sweat inspiring. Nervous sweat. It's not a big deal and people do it all over the world, traveling with children. So it's just something in my head that I have to say "Look, it'll be over soon, no one's getting hurt, we're just going through the screening process you're not tying anyone up".

Then I get to fly from Tulsa to Dallas and Dallas to Raleigh. It'll be a long day for my baby and me. But we'll make it. He's an awesome little traveler. Likes to look around and check things out.

THEN we'll get to meet up with Daddy or my Husband and I am so excited to see him! I've missed him lots and can't wait to be snuggled up in bed next to him tomorrow night. It's cold and he's like a space heater. :)

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joyfully gray said...

have a great trip! you can do it and it will go well. i will keep you in my prayers.