Sunday, January 17, 2010

Short Fortune

We're all home. Pretty great trip. Henry slept 11 hours at his grandmas (night time sleep). Made for smiley parents.

My new little nephew is so tiny, I love him!! He's like 9lbs now. It's hard to believe that Henry was even smaller than that at birth (6lbs). Henry is now 27 inches long and 18lbs. We have a very hearty eater on our hands.

I had a fortune cookie that said "You will fall into a great deal of money soon" and I wish I hadn't gotten it. I'm superstitious in a way and all I can think about is someone dying to inherit money. So stupid, I know, but I'm weird and I can't get it out of my head.


alicia said...

i can't believe H is 18lbs! when i took E to the dr on friday, he weighed in at 25lbs!

Anonymous said...

I'd feel exactly the same way if I got that fortune cookie. We are equally crazy.