Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hair, Hair Everywhere

Over the past two weeks every time I shampoo my hair I leave behind enough hair to make Beyonce a new weave. OMG.

They do tell you that after you have a child you will lose some of your luxurious pregnancy hair and I was all, "Oh yea. I don't care. PLEASE get some of this hair off of my head it's so thick and I'm HOT!!". But now I am kind of scared because seriously, it's A LOT.

It's totally normal though. Almost every woman who has had a baby goes through this and it's nothing to worry about. I'm sure it's something I only notice. Plus now I can put my hair up in twists again because NOW the clasp on the barrette will actually close!

And look what I got for my loss of hair:

Enough said.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I already lose a TON of hair all the time! That's going to be bananas if I lose even more, but definelty worth it :) Love ya!


Miche said...

I actually never lost hair with either kid-and after Ben it has slowly gotten more and more curly. The strange things pregnancy can do :)

alicia said...

i started losing tons of hair after e came too. of course, my hair was down to the small of my back, so it looked like a LOT (one of the reasons i lopped it off!)

it does seem to get better though, you're lucky that your hair is really thick, mine is super fine and so it's really noticeable.

Anwesha said...

I love him ,love him,love him.

I think he totally sealed the deal.

joyfully gray said...

not only did i lose a ton of hair after delivery, but i am now growing these cute little baby bang things in the front near my part. it is ridiculous and hideous and mostly not that bad i guess BUT IT DRIVES ME EFFING CRAZY nonetheless.