Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Alright, Kicky

I wonder how many blog entries start with,

"So, I haven't felt like writing lately...."?

Because that's how this one is starting.

I'M BACK - and bigger and better than ever.

Seriously, yes, I AM bigger, I have gained weight AFTER pregnancy and I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with my nightly indulgence of Doritos.

Doritos were the first thing I ate in the hospital (after clear liquidy type foods) after baby that tasted good. I've been eating them ever since and IT MUST STOP. But they're so delicious and crunchy and salty and yummers...

Let me wipe the drool off my keyboard and continue.

So yes, 10lbs later here I am.

I need some eating tips. Like, it's 5pm and so far I have ate grapes, a bite of mozzarella cheese and Diet Coke. No wonder my head is hurting. Is that even possible? It feels like my health has taken a dip since having baby and I'm wondering how common that is among Momma's. Any tips or easy on the go type foods you can suggest for me? I SUCK at meal planning for real.

Henry is doing just fantabulous. He's growing out of his clothes as we speak. He's 14 weeks today, just over 3 months, and he's wearing 9 month sized clothes. He's just amazing, though. Grabbing and holding items, laughing, eating well (obviously) and has of lately become a real wiggle worm. It's very hard to change his clothes and diapers right now!

I am still in the frozen tundra of Oklahoma, set to go home on Saturday. This trip has been very bittersweet as I realize how much harder it will to be to travel home as Henry gets older. That and there's never enough time to see everyone I want to see and love on people. Sigh. I miss my husband, home and friends in NC but I'm already mourning my trip home. This always happens.

I'm not going to post any New Years resolutions but I will tell you that I have lots of goals for myself this year. Writing more consistantly is one of them, so stay tuned!

P.S. - how do you increase blog traffic? I have like, NONE.


katandkarl said...

welcome 'back' to the blogosphere - hope you had a great holiday! look forward to reading more about H in 20-10! xo!

Nikosmommy said...

Doritos ARE deadly. Crispy, cheezy triangles from heaven!
As for increasing blog traffic, I find it best to read other peoples blogs, (lots) follow them and comment (if it interests u genuinely)...people will click on your picture if you're following, lead back to your blog, start reading yours. etc. I'm fairly new (only been blogging less than a month).
Posting lots of pics helps too..honestly blogs without pics can be boring, thereby requiring witty interesting writing (which I'm too lazy to do most of the time)...lol

Anwesha said...

I can so totally relate to your missing home but at the same time missing friends thing.I go through that,went through that in the past.And honestly,out there,you were the only person who would totally get me.I am sure if and when you all move,things will be easier if not easy.Life's just like that!
I would love to love to see more of your blogs ,love them!

Caitlin said...

It is possible to have your head hurt...I get wicked headaches if I don't eat enough.

Helpful in the losing weight thing? Weight Watchers. Seriously. $15 a month online, and it gives you access to all their recipes (which are great) and sets goals for you to meet each day (water intake, fruits and veggies, etc) they will even adjust the plan for you if you're nursing. I've lost over 30lbs in 6 months...fantastic :)

alicia said...

how to lose weight: expend more calories than you intake, or intake fewer calories. it's simple science. there's no trick or magic potion (unfortunately). when you get back let's work on losing ten pounds together!