Friday, January 29, 2010

MoM Squared

Sometimes when I am investigating all to the internets have in store I find myself viewing certain Mommy blogs (no one I know in real life or blogroll!!) that are awesomely creative, innovative and syrupy, sickly sweet with their musings. I sometimes wonder what type of drugs these people are doing and where I can get my hands on some so I can also knit/sew/cook from scratch/cloth diaper a baby all while raising money for orphans and making my own laundry soap from organic I can't even think of what is in laundry soap at this time.

Not that there is anything wrong with doing all those things, I think it's great an admirable and wish I could be so compelled to be good and wholesome and do those things but I don't. Is there something wrong with me?!?

My point is I wonder if these people are real. I really do! Because some days it's a wonder I'm even able to get dressed or take a shower, never mind all the other things I need to be doing.

That's why I am telling you that it's my objective to paint a real picture of what MY life is like and not like what I *think* it should be like. I'll never judge what any other family does that works for them, that's just not fair. I'll also always be real with myself and my blog friends. If it's too personal to share I just won't write about it here.

But I won't always paint such a glorious picture on how life is. Because it's not. Life is hard and extremely rewarding and so is being a parent which is my current occupation. It's a catch 22 between being grueling and monotonous and joyful and challenging. It can be extremely lonely and full of sighs but man, it's REAL and it makes you feel things you've never felt before and you do things you never thought you'd do (hello! Is that baby poop that my hand is resting in, why yes, it is!).

Now I'm stepping off my soapbox. Thank you for tuning in.


Anwesha said...

Oh My God Andrea,I cannot tell you how often I have similar concerns.Like I feel what if I turn out to be that mom who knows so little,who does not have any special holiday traditions or secret recipes,or who cannot sew for the love of lord.!I would feel useless and a failure.But I think you just cannot be someone else.There are still some skills you could pick up,but who you are is not something you picked up from a school degree or a class.It is just who you are and how you handle your life.
I totally agree with you being the kind of person you are,and you saying this makes me feel more and more secure that I am not alone.

alicia said...

are you SURE you aren't talking about me? :P

seriously, though - it's like mandy said to me before, we can't always live a bloggable life. i think that's so true - some days i bake bread, knit booties for a friend's new addition and pat my cloth diapered baby on the head with a song. then there's days like today, where my cloth diapered baby is sick, and whining, hubby is making a mess of everything he lays his hands on, and the dogs REEK after spending the day playing in the snow.

i think the bloggers that paint fairy tale pictures of their lives are just carefully constructing their blogs to appear that way.

katandkarl said...

Yes I think this often. I love my husband and my child more than anything but sometimes I need to vent about shitty things and my blog is one way I do that. PLUS I personally wouldn't want to look back over an account of Nate's childhood and have it all glossy and pretty when parts of it were HARD and STRESSFUL. I want to remember the rough things too b/c they make me appreciate the amazing times AND because I am too much of a realist to pretend otherwise.