Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our First Lady's Eyebrows are Overtweezed. Things I just noticed.

I have really sucked at blogging lately.

Must get better. I'll put it on my list.

This weekend was awesome! I actually got to go out, see some friends, watch some college b-ball, eat out 2 times. OMG. BIG.DEAL.FOR.REAL.

Today Alan cooked a roast all day and we just vegged out, playing around with Henry.

So, if you're friends with me on FB you probably know I've been sick for a while. Like, 4 weeks ago in Tulsa I got a cold and it's never really gone away and instead festered into what I thought was a week long migraine but was my sinuses. I have an awful sinus infection and since I haven't really been sick,sick for a while it seems like the worst thing ever.

And um, taking care of an almost 4 month old is very challenging when you don't feel I've been extra run down.

So anway, once again I am promising to be a good little blogger and bloggity blog more...and I will.


Nikosmommy said...

Feel better Mama...I so know how it sucks taking care of babies when you're a sicky-McGee!

Jax said...

I've been a sucky blogger too. It is what it is. *le sigh* I hope you get to feeling better, lovely! And I cant remember the last time I had a roast but reading that kinda made my mouth water! ha!

Anwesha said...

haha! your observations are just hilarious.And you paint such a funny,vibrant and amusing picture in the mind.
But I really do hope you feel better my friend.That flu is horrible,everyone over here has been contracting it as well,and it has come back stronger.
Love you!

joyfully gray said...

so hard taking care of a baby when you are not well. oh i feel ya! how can you get better when you are tired tired tired? right now lucia and i are both sick.

i hope you are feeling better!