Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quiz Week: Take I

I'm at a writing blank so I've decided to take self indulgent quizzes as a writing exercise. Here we go:

Question 1: What color are your toes?

I'm Not Really a Waitress Red, peeling of course. I need a pedicure.

Question 2: Do you name your socks?
Actually, yes! But it's not creative. It would be like, "My cupcake socks", or "My celery socks".

Question 3: What color is my beard?

Flesh colored creepy beard. Actually, I've done such a good job concealing it with makeup you don't even notice.

Question 4: How do you know I don't have a beard?
Do you stalk me?
Like I said, concealer is key.

Question 5: Finish this sentence. "Llama Llama Llama Llama Llama Llama..."

6: Are you a girl or a boy? I'm a girly-girl.

Question 7: Do your hand sanitizer talk to you? I fucking hate hand sanitizer, but yes. It burns, it burns!!

Question 8: Who is the hottest guy in Harry Potter 4?
I like that sassy little red head guy.

Question 9: Hi.Question 10: Me + Robert Pattinson =...eyebrow tweezing session. His eyebrows are a little too thick.

Question 11: Who is Robert Pattinson you ask?
the vampire guy with the thick eyebrows.

Question 12: What color is Uncle Rico's van?
Black on the outside, grey vinyl on the inside (really, wtf?)

Question 13: Has anyone noticed this? In Napoleon Dynamite, when Summer does her routine after her speech, a Backstreet Boys song plays. The movie takes place in the 70s and the Backstreet Boys didn't come out until the 90s!

Napoleon Dynamite is full of funny little Easter Eggs like that. It's part of it's charm.

Question 14: Treesafer is a combination of what 2 names? I dunno. I can't even think of a funny answer to this question because it's totally blowing my mind. What does that say about me?

Question 15: Do you feel smarter after taking this quiz?
I feel more creative. Wee.

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Nikosmommy said...

Treesafer? really? guess I'm pretty dumb?!!